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Jaylan had an unbelievable beginning.
Thank you, Celebrate Life Magazine
for sharing the story.


Jaylan was awarded the 2012
Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!
Chunkie Bs are here!
(bite sized brownies w/walnuts)

Gloria Clay, Founder of WTTB, and Mr. Chunkie Chips

I had a fun evening with Women Telling Their Business and sold
lots of cookies! Thank you, Mrs. Gloria, for inviting children in business

 Mrs. Gloria Clay introduces the Rising Stars!

Austin Paul, Jr. (Saxaphonist)

Jaylan Williams aka Mr. Chunkie Chips

Chunkie Chip Cookies are now being sold in 
The Master's Barber Shop in Pensacola, FL!

The Master's Barber Shop Owner, Mr. Ronald Gibson
signs Chunkie Chips order form.

Thank you, Mr. Gibson!

Please visit Mr. Gibson at The Master's Barber Shop

Pictures from Mommy Resource Network Kids Business Expo in Atlanta

Ready to go!

Stacey McSwine, Founder of Mommy Resource Network

Created by Shelise Ford

Networking with Missie Shealey, Author/Creative Director

Selling Cookies to customers!

Getting good advice from Carol Dunlap Optimum Body Sculpting

Owner of World Class Kuts, Shontae Powell

Chunkie Chip Samples!
Future business owners!
She made lots of money selling her pictures

Click link above to read Trend Hunter article

by Mrs. Sandy Winn

Chunkie Chips is going to Atlanta!

All children interested in having a business are 
invited to join me in Atlanta!

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